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We’re going right back to our beginnings, to the exceptional World Heritage Site of The Cradle of Humankind. The superb Maropeng Visitor Centre is truly an exciting, world class exhibition, focusing on the development of humans and our ancestors over the past few million years.

From past to present, we’ll be exploring five cultures at the Lesedi Cultural Village, heart and home to families of a range of African tribes, all living harmoniously in traditional homesteads.
You’ll be right there experiencing the warmth and hospitality of people from the Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Sotho and Pedi cultures, and you’ll find it fascinating!

Our multilingual, multi-visual orientation depicts the history of South Africa, and will deepen your understanding of the complexity of our multicultural community.

We will enjoy a traditional African meal, a fine way to round off a day of new experiences and fresh insights.

Get into contact with Guinea fowl Shuttles so we can make sure that you can experience on of the best way to see how the Cradle of Humankind and Sterkfontein caves looks like and the history to it. For bookings simply send us an e-mail or Contact us direct.

The Cradle of humankind is considered as a World Heritage Site. This heritage site is based northwest from Johannesburg, South Africa. People can also describe it as the place where we became human or the birth place of humanity.

Cradle of Humankind gets its name because it doesn’t just produce a large number but also some of the oldest hominin fossils ever found in history. The name Maropeng also means “returning to the place of origin” in one of South Africa’s 11 official languages.

This site (about 47 000 hectares of land) consist out of several caves and fossil hominid. These caves are identified as the oldest and most continuous paleontological dig in the whole world. This site is a very interesting and yet exciting for tourists and visitors.