The Lion Park is situated just to the West of Johannesburg. At the Lion Park you can interact with the great white lion and other lion cubs. Get into contact with Guinea fowl shuttles for you shuttle services bookings.

The lion park is considered as one of Johannesburg’s most popular tourist destinations. You can go face to face with little cheetah cubs, lion cubs, hyenas, leopards, caracal. The Lion park is suitable for the whole family. Other animals which can be found on this site are white rhino, buffalo and wild dogs. Visitors can see some of the predators (lion, cheetah and wild dog) being fed at 1pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. There is a snake and reptile park on this nature reserve.

Guinea fowl Shuttles provides group transport and shuttle services to the Lion Park and those who want to explore. We will even take you for a game drive through this park. Guinea fowl Shuttles game drive’s only available during the day. Make sure you make your bookings well in advance.